Words beginning with F

Choose the most suitable word to complete each sentence : fabric, facility, factions, fad, fatigue, feast, fibre, flockflop or foil. Each word will be used one single time.

1) Our neighbourhood swimming pool is a wonderful , with a wave pool, diving boards, a huge water slide and lots of equipment for small children. 2) She tries every new diet that appears, but has been unsuccessful in really losing weight. 3) We had a real Saturday night after my dad caught a huge salmon while out fishing. 4) Regular exercise is your best defence against . 5) Gortex is a wonderful which is basically water-proof, but which breathes at the same time, so you don’t get all sweaty. 6) A wolf killed three of the sheep in our before we shot it. 7) After the death of the President, there was a serious battle between different for control of the country. 8) Don’t throw that tin in the rubbish; it can be recycled. 9) The play was a total , and was shut down after three days. 10) My opponent lacks the necessary moral to be President of our great country.